When you custom design and build with Abroenet, you can take comfort in knowing yours will be a stress-free build.

Our full-service custom design, build and construction team is here to take you from the planning phase all the way to project completion.

What’s included:

  • Forward-thinking architecture and design that works in tandem with practical building advice to make every space the best it can be
  • Accurate and comprehensive information to inform and empower your decisions throughout the project
  • Intuitive project management to pre-empt issues and keep everything under control and on course
  • Complete carriage of design and construction approvals, including liaison with council, consultants and engineers
  • A fully qualified and helpful team of tradespeople and suppliers who will bring your plans to fruition, with a smile

Oh, and no matter the size of your build or your budget, you’ll deal directly with Luke from the get-go. He will cost and project manage your project, organising all the necessary consultants and trades you need, and will always be just a phone call away.

What's the process?

So, you’re almost certain you’re ready to team up with us for a build that’s going to tick all the boxes for you, but you want to know how everything’s going to roll out before you commit.


Here you’ll find the basic process for a new, custom built home – it’s generally the same for major renovations, extensions, alterations or additions requiring design and approvals.

Got your own plans already?

We’d like to see them. We include a full audit of any designs that come to us and make recommendations where needed.

This is how we make sure the project meets the brief.

So, whether you partner with us to design and build, or you choose ‘build only’, you’re still reducing your risk and increasing the likelihood of total satisfaction with the end result.

Got questions?

Have a read of our Q & A with Luke.

Chances are your question’s been covered but if not, please, get it touch, and let us know what’s on your mind.

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