Sit back and relax with a cuppa while we ask Luke all the tough questions about Abroenet’s approach and about building with confidence.

Without doubt, I’d say the biggest source of stress is budget.

It doesn’t matter how much a person has, if they feel they’re not getting what they’re paying for, or if they’re on edge about the budget – always waiting to be hit with another ‘unforeseen’ cost – that’s really going to play on their mind the whole time.

We get all the information we need up front.

Some clients might think we’re being too pedantic during the costing phase, but they understand the benefits before too long. I always say, ‘budgets don’t blow out, builders just don’t get all the information they need.’

Tip: Beware of insufficient quotes as once you sign on the dotted line, you’re trapped into having to agree to the builder’s variation prices as things need to be added and/or changed.

Not at all.

The clean slate provided by a new build is nice, but sometimes a home is just too good to knock over – a first floor addition, open plan renovation, extension or even a simple bathroom makeover can be life-changing.

If we can fit it in, we’re more than happy to help out on any size project.

There’s plenty we can do to rein the costs back in to suit the budget.

Often, we’ll work our way back down by reducing the scope or by looking at different choices for structural elements, materials and features.

We do.

We have a little black book of local interior design partners and this can be included into the quote.

While our approach to pricing up a job might mean our quotation comes in higher than someone else’s in the beginning, experience has shown that all-inclusive and accurate quoting does not make us more expensive in the end.

Our clients appreciate that by us very consciously making sure everything is in the quote, we end up saving them – time, money, large headaches. This is one of our strengths, and it’s why we never leave items out of our proposals to win a client over.

Absolutely. If the client wants changes made, we’ll definitely accommodate that.

Of course, the best approach is to aim for no changes. Get everything right at the start and your budget and timeline stays entirely on track.

This varies on the size of the project, however, the simplest advice I can offer is to start talking to us as soon as you start thinking about designing or building, and we’ll let you know.

No. Just bring your vision along and we’ll start there.

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