Adding to, or starting anew? Here’s how we design and build together.

Step 1 – The Brief

This initial briefing meeting is where we get to know each other. We’ll be curious to know what you’re looking for, what lifestyle needs you have and the kind of finishes you’ve got in mind.

We’ll talk about your block, your budget, any potential planning constraints, and we’ll discuss potential design solutions.

Step 2 – Design & Estimate

Once we’ve established the scope of work and budget, we prepare your design and full cost analysis.

We make sure every element of the design and build is considered during this step, so we’ll be coming to you for regular feedback while we fine tune.

Step 3 – Planning Approvals & Finishes

We take care of all council approvals on your behalf.

This means we prepare and coordinate all design drawings and documentation, lodge them for you, and liaise with approval authorities and specialist consultants when necessary.

At the same time, we keep the ball rolling by helping you select the finishes for your build.

Step 4 – Construction

With everything planned and approved, we’re ready to build.

We’ve refined our construction process over many years to make sure your build is delivered as promised – smoothly, with absolute attention to detail and good surprises only.

Step 5 – Handover

Your project is complete.

We’ll walk you through your new home and hand over all the documents we’ve compiled along the way.

This includes your warranties, certificates, designs and approvals.

If you spot any defects on this walk, you’ve got better eyesight than we do! We aim for zero defects. If any are found, we rectify them immediately.

Ready to take the first step?

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